There are many u-turns occurred in the life, some let happiness and strengths and some let sorrows and weaknesses but the reality is; these u-turns let new horizon of hope and the signs to step forward. Sometimes, we… Continue reading

Help, Happiness

Help those who are in need and also those who are in contiguous sides. Help always brings happiness. Happiness brings satisfaction in life and satisfaction brings courage to stand out the life. Help… Continue reading

We love !!!!!

Today, i visited many areas of Lahore and participated in the peaceful protest. I saw the mob of Muslims chanting the love of Muhammad PBUH. The roads were full of heads in every… Continue reading


From many days, we see the voice against a film which is produced against the religion of Islam. The question is why an irreverence attitude against a religion is spreading and why a… Continue reading

Dig up !!!!!

Every day lets many opportunities in our rush life, but we drop many as well. Life is a gift for us. It can be more beautiful by beautiful thoughts, ambitions, and dreams. Opportunity… Continue reading