The 10 ways to increase literacy rate in Pakistan

Improving literacy rate in any country is not a big job. The 10 simple ways to improve literacy can be beneficial in Pakistan;
1- Quality Assessment of District Education System.
2- Continual training of district education officers and management of education ministries.
3- Annual survey of literacy rate at village and city level.
4- Public and private partnership to enhance literacy at national to village level.
5- 25 % increase in annual budget for Education.
6- Media campaigns through newspapers and TV channels in native languages.
7- Hire competent educationists at district level having doctoral degree.
8- Check and control on corruption in education through enforcing Law.
9- Members of national and provincial assemblies must be elected on the basis of Masters Degree holders and providing education in his/her area should be the top priority.
10-One person let one hand of child back to school every year.