Sparks to unbolt

I would like to introduce my great father Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed, Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities in University of Management and Technology. When he was in the class of 10th, he worked very hard job of making iron goods with his father. His father always tried to stop study but he kept on study along work with his father. He took good positions in school, college and took gold medal from University of the Punjab and also got doctoral degree in education from Ohio State University, USA on scholarship base. He served as Chairman Department of Special Education, University of the Punjab for many years. He visited many countries and represented Pakistan in international conferences. He is one of the unique personalities who can represent special education in Pakistan as well as around the globe.

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No doubt there is only and only one solution is Education to change our society, nation, and country. Education has sparks to unbolt the hidden talents and capabilities.

God bless you my father.