Common Wealth

Some time we think that the wealth in our life is only a new home or car and bank balance. Mobile is also used as a symbol of status. May be i wrong… Continue reading

Say No!!!!!

We often say ‘yes’, ‘i will’, ‘i do’, ‘why not’ and we commit, commit and commit but often we forget or have not much time to fulfill commitments. In public relations, there is… Continue reading

Sparks to unbolt

I would like to introduce my great father Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed, Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities in University of Management and Technology. When he was in the class of 10th,… Continue reading

The 10 ways to increase literacy rate in Pakistan

Improving literacy rate in any country is not a big job. The 10 simple ways to improve literacy can be beneficial in Pakistan; 1- Quality Assessment of District Education System. 2- Continual training… Continue reading


Retorting means reply angrily. Replies on any words that we not accept are very important to speak or write. On the other hand the art of accepting and anticipating are going to vanishing… Continue reading