Where is Diversity?

Today my teacher said that the culture in Pakistan is not a same one in every part of it. It has diversified cultures, there is not one language, not one religion, not one… Continue reading

Do it !!

Life is by doing. Every time we do something but we rarely observe. Only we observe those things in our life, when we feel happiness or sadness. Can we feel those movements,when we… Continue reading

There is no difficulty!!!!!

The first day, when a child listen first word in this world, he/she does not afraid but listen, listen and listen. There is no difficulty. Then child learn to speak little broken words… Continue reading

Splinting lives

Knowledge makes life alive. If we have bit knowledge of a single word, it should be outspread to another one. Knowledge can sprint our life after spreading it. Unquestionably knowledge can’t be stopped.… Continue reading

Respect Returns

Today i was shocked when i saw a young man who was taunting and abusing to a respectful aged person. That why there was an accident occurred between a motor bicycle of aged… Continue reading