May be i am wrong?

The real use of social pages is to express your life experiences, knowledge and what you got good and want to spread good but i see daily my wall with rare stuff of… Continue reading

Who is for me?

The need of support and help is an essential part of life. Ever human can’t be helpless but the question is who is for me, who always are ready to help me, either… Continue reading

Blind Vision

There are only three places, where we learn, grow and serve. Learn at home from the first day of birth, learn from school when we get the age four years, and learn at… Continue reading

Real Love

If any one ask me that which one is the real love in this world, my answer will be always “Love with Mother” and “The Love of Mother”. No one is a human… Continue reading

Marriage is Trust

Marriage is a trust that is started at the movement of acceptance from the both sides. Trust of co-operation, respect, and patience. It can break when any misunderstanding get a chance to demolish… Continue reading